Lewy’s Five Year Anniversary

Today makes five years since Lewy passed away.  We’re sure today especially, many of his friends and family were remembering the great times with Lewy . You know we did. We gave thanks and poured out some of our Red Stripes as a caring gesture.  Bless Lewy, all the best.
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One Response to “Lewy’s Five Year Anniversary”

  1. Jorge
    June 9th, 2010 at 2:48 am

    My friend was really blind , yes Lewis was real color blind ,
    extremely color blind .

    Not in the chromatic scale of colors .

    Color blind for races , religions or economic backgrounds .
    He could dance Samba whit a Brazilian girl , two minutes later Salsa dance with a Pretty Colombian girl , they will talk to him in Spanish he will LOL .

    Next thing you know he is surfing in a remote Island of the caribbean see with a Passe of Jamaican hardcore Surfers .

    Or hunting with a group of Rednecks from the dirty south .
    party with the Cubans in South Beach and playing practical jocks with the Jewish kids from Boca Raton ,

    want more , picking up fights with a bunch of Sopranos Look a like kids from the Jersey shores .
    training and boxing in a real ghetto down in tough part of north philly PA , under the supervision of the living legend Joe Frazier .
    Working with old school Puerto Ricans in the summer time as aprentice carpenter for his father company .

    Not to mention his Lovly sweet heart from highschool days Miss Chin of the Korean origin or the UK pretty blond the he teach how to surf every winter , to mention a few .

    Under my eyes he was the true definition of Ambassador of the world !

    I’m so proud to be a friend to someone so special like he was .
    we really miss you my friend special in any big swell the roll in the Infamous ” Juno Pier ” we will ride one for you !!!

    SIncerely Jorge & Family

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