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Brandolini Surfboard Rack Maintenance

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Today, the Brandolini Foundation surfboard rack at shower 7 in Jupiter, Fl was taken down temporarily for it’s yearly maintenance. The rack has made it through two hurricanes and numerous storms and still nice and strong. The salt has goten under the powder coat paint job so Alan, Leonor and I took it apart to and brought it to our friend Chris at the metal shop to get refinished.

We talked with Cory Fischman Recreation Specialists of Department of Parks & Recreation at the Town of Jupiter about the project and his boss Jim Wilson Parks Superintendent about beautifying the beaches and offered to donate some benches. We also went to The Jupiter Police Department to make them aware of the temporary move so they didnt think we were stealing the rack. :) Since it is constructed of nice aluminum it could have easily stirred up a comotion with so many people defacing property to scrap metals.

We’ll be posting before and after pictures soon. stay tuned! -jorge

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